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What does “Writing with a Human Face” mean? Many things.

As a magazine, newspaper, custom publication and Web freelance writer, it symbolizes my commitment to finding the faces, the people, behind the news. I write about many things: health, real estate, pop culture, business and more for publications including the San Francisco Chronicle, AARP.org, Yoga Journal, CyberHomes.com and Yahoo! Hot Jobs. But the unifying theme is people’s experiences.

Like most good reporters, I’m curious. Like most good writers, I invite readers into the personal worlds of my sources. And like all good freelancers, I’m professional. That means that one of the faces I think about when I pitch, research, write, edit and assist with art decisions is yours. Forefront in my mind is not just what serves the story but also what serves your audience.

I’m always asking myself: How can I make your job easier? I do this in several ways:

  • In-depth reporting. I’m drawn to people’s unique stories, so if you have a piece that requires a hard-to-find “real person” source, I’m the writer for you.
  • Well-rounded expertise. Having written about everything from teen sexual health to foreclosure scams, chances are I have sources and experience useful for your project.
  • Unique perspective. Having lost 85 pounds and changed my approach to both food and life, I can relate to sources with chronic illnesses who make the decision every day to put health above everything else.
  • Punctual. I file stories on time or early, and at word count.
  • Independent thinker, collaborative worker. You don’t have to hold my hand through finding sources or identifying story angles, but I collaborate where it counts—as stories change and with art ideas—so you don’t end up with a nasty surprise in your inbox.
  • Thorough fact-checker. If desired, I check the quotes and facts in my stories before filing.
  • Enthusiastic. Does it make your job easier when a freelancer is excited about her assignment? I think so. I’m always looking for ways to improve the story because I love what I do.
  • Tech savvy. Follow me on Twitter, link with me on LinkedIn or join the conversation on Facebook.
  • Longevity. I’ve been a full-time freelance writer for years. It’s my choice and my passion, and I won’t leave you for a full-time job when the economy turns around. I’m here for the long haul.

This isn’t just my considered opinion. I know this because it’s what my editors tell me.

With busy editors in mind, I’ve added a search function, so you can quickly find clips relevant to your project.

After exploring my site, I hope you’ll see that I’m the right writer, reporter and editor for your project. Need a freelance writer? Looking for a freelance editor? Contact me!

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Heather Boerner