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Polls, Tips and Quizzes:
Freelance writer Heather Boerner writes short news-you-can-use tips, polls and quizzes for magazines and Web sites.

“50 Tips to Boost Your Noodle: Brain-boosting exercises from the nation’s top experts.”
One of the best ways to stay sharp is to exercise that muscle between your ears, research indicates. And discussions with some of the top scientists studying the brain reveal that you can work your noggin in many different ways, every day.
Here are 50 of them.
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Preconception Polls
BabyCenter, 10.06

Are you ready for a baby but your partner isn't?

Has the number of children you want changed over time?

Are you plus-size and trying to get pregnant?

Are you making family-planning decisions based on your career?

Have you changed your eating habits since you started trying for a baby?

Have you changed your exercise habits since you've started trying for a baby?

Have you tried different sexual positions to help you get pregnant?

How do you cope with the baby-making blues?

How do you cover the cost of fertility treatments?

Have you considered other methods of becoming a parent?

Who takes charge of the baby-making in your family?

How did you choose your fertility doctor?

Do you like your fertility doctor?

Are you superstitious about getting pregnant?

Have fertility treatments brought you closer together as a couple?

Do you think men have a biological clock?

Have you taken a special baby-making vacation?

What baby-making comment do you wish you'd never hear again?

Would you tell your child if he were conceived through IVF?

Have you prayed for a baby?

Have you bought baby gear?

Has trying to get pregnant affected your mood?

What's the hardest part about trying to conceive?

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