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Freelance writer Heather Boerner has written short front-of-the-book pieces on everything from femmes to stress-reduction for print, magazine and web publications.

“Think About It: Meditation can help your brain work more efficiently”
Yoga Journal, 03.09
Sitting in meditation can be challenging. You might feel anxious to get back to your busy day. Your mind wanders. Your foot falls asleep. But consider this: A regular meditation practice can make your brain work better.
Download a PDF of this article here.

“Union Made: Strengthen your relationship with partner yoga”
Yoga Journal, 02.09
A study in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy by Jim Carson, a clinical psychologist and meditation teacher, and his wife, Kimberly Carson, a yoga therapist, suggests that couples who practice partner yoga are more content with each other and report more joyful sex lives.
Download a PDF of this article here.

“Stay in Balance: Natural remedies can help keep PMS symptoms at bay”
Yoga Journal, 08.08
“When monthly preperiod cramping, moodiness and fatigue hit, it’s tempting to pop a pain reliever, down some caffeine and keep powering through your day. But numbing the discomfort or giving yourself an artificial energy boost won’t address the underlying causes of your symptoms.
Read the full article here.
Download a PDF of this article here.

“Animal Lover: YogaFit’s Beth Shaw lives her karma yoga”
Yoga Journal, 08.08
Before Beth Shaw ever stepped onto a yoga mat, she knew her life’s work would be speaking for animals that don’t have a voice.
“I remember telling my boyfriend in high school that, when I had a lot of money, I wanted to have spay-and-neuter vans and go around and care for the animals,” says Shaw, the founder of YogaFit. And now, almost 24 years later, she says, “I feel like I’m stepping into my dharma [life path] now.”
Shaw has turned her business acumen—YogaFit has certified 70,000 fitness professionals to teach yoga worldwide—into a vehicle for promoting animal rights. In her hometown of Los Angeles, she was instrumental in passing a new law that requires the spaying and neutering of pets, which helps prevent the killing of millions of unwanted animals. She backs a similar California bill.
Read the full article here.
Download a PDF of this article here.

“Gimme Shelter: San Francisco homeless find relief through yoga”
Yoga Journal, 12.07
Lupe was under a lot of stress when she started doing yoga in 2006. She'd recently become homeless and was living in a shelter in San Francisco. She was job hunting. She was working on her bachelor's degree. Her chronic back pain hardly seemed worth mentioning.
When the shelter, St. Anthony Foundation's Marian Residence for Women, began offering yoga once a week, Lupe (who asked that her last name not be used) decided to give it a shot. Yoga class became the one place where she could forget her worries. She found herself lowering her guard. Sometimes she even let herself fully relax-so much so that she'd fall asleep during Savasana (Corpse Pose).
Download a PDF of this article here.

“Do-gooders: The Karma Krew inspires community involvement”
Yoga Journal, 12.07
Avril Bright of Boulder, Colorado, considers herself a compassionate person. But she admits that until a while ago, she had done little to channel that empathy into action in her own community. Then she discovered Karma Krew—a group determined to open hearts and transform lives through karma yoga or service—and all that changed.
“It really challenged me to step outside myself,” Bright says. On one Karma Krew retreat, she helped paint a shelter for abused children. Afterward, she didn’t feel right leaving for good; she found she wanted to form a deeper connection with the kids. “The night after the retreat, I couldn’t sleep,” she says. “The next morning I called the shelter and started volunteering there on my own.”
Read the full article here.
Download a PDF of this article here.

“Centered Stage: Theatre Dojo teaches acting and asana”
Yoga Journal, 12.07
Down dog and melodrama? For a group of yoga-minded actors, this unlikely combination is very powerful. Theatre Dojo in Los Angeles blends yoga, pranayama and meditation into its beginning through advanced acting classes. In the process, the school’s founders teach students to tap into their own innate healing power.
Download a PDF of this article here.

“A Troops-Carrying Torpedo: New underwater craft may move special forces with lightning speed”
NewsMax Magazine, 11.07
The U.S. military is bringing new meaning to the phrase “storming the beach.”
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has commissioned the development of the world’s first troop-carrying super-high-speed torpedo.
Article available upon request.

“Get Smart: Alternative treatments for focus and memory”
Yoga Journal, 10.07
Intense focus may come easily on the yoga mat—but what about on the job? Jay Lombard, chief of neurology at Bronx Lebanon Hospital and author of The Brain Wellness Plan: Breakthrough Medical, Nutritional and Immune-Boosting Therapies, says mental focus (and good memory) requires healthy neurotransmitters and a calm emotional state.
Here are some herbs that may help keep you at your mental peak.
Read the full article here.
Download a PDF of this article here.

“Where is the Love? After 13 years in queer publishing, Venus founder Charlene E. Cothran finds God.”
Curve Magazine, 06.07
When the 38,000 subsribers to the African-American queer magazine Venus received the January issue, they got a shock: The mission of the magazine had changed—a lot. It was no longer for African Americans “in the life.” Now it’s aimed at African Americans looking to leave the life for a Christianity that’s incompatible with out-and-proud queerness.”
Download a PDF of this article here.

“Considering Femme-ininity”
Curve Magazine 12.06
Download a PDF of this article here.

“Eight Great Ways to Put a Lid on Stress”
Ikana Media, 09.05
Article available upon request

“Honey, We’re Shaming the Kids”
Bitch Magazine: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, 09.06
Makeover shows aren’t known for being kind. Part of the appeal of tough-love shows like What Not to Wear and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is their humorous evisceration of the participants’ pre-makeover clothes, hair, or body.
But what if you didn’t choose your makeover fate? What if, without your consent, humiliating images of you were broadcast across the country as a mass warning? If you’re a chubby kid, that’s just the threat TLC’s new show Honey, We’re Killing the Kids! Poses. Here, kids are the symbol of the obesity epidemic, and their humiliation is perpetrated under the guise of good intentions and medical science.
Download a PDF of this article here.

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